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Asahikawa Airport
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Marked 50th Opening Anniversary in 2015 with a runway 2500m
under the Regional Airport Authority management.

Countries and Regions Japan
Addresses / Locations Asahikawa, Hokkaido
Types Commerce
Airport Operator Asahikawa
Asahikawa Airport

Asahikawa Airport is located in the center of Hokkaido, giving tourists a much easier access to the variety of Hokkaido’s popular destinations. Mt. Daisetu National Park is one of these destinations. The construction of a new international terminal will be added by 2009, increasing the number of visitors. It is also known as the main gate to Downtown Asahikawa, as well as the second largest city, Hokkaido. It is only a 30 to 40 minute ride to downtown. The snow removal system at the airport contributes to much less airport closures than any other airport during the winter season.
Note: 1.16 million travelers came through the gate at the Asahikawa in 2015.


Tourist Attractions, Local Products, and Meals
Tourist Attractions Asahiyama Zoo  

A tremendously popular nationwide exhibit given to the zoo because of its own unique displays – behavior exhibition, which has made it possible to bring out the animals’ natural behaviors and activities in an environment as close to home as possible can be observed in a close proximity. Many visitors to Asahiyama Zoo can enjoy many waterside animals - the penguin, the polar bear, and the seal - during “Mogumogu (meal) Time” with a guided tour. Here is a tip: be sure to confirm the schedule of the show in advance.

Local Products Bear Carvings  

The hand-made wood bear carving represents Hokkaido for sure, but an historical record shows that Asahikawa is the first place to sell this as folk art at souvenir shops. Asahikawa had first sold traditional Ainu utensils in the souvenir industry, followed by the carving bear, which kicked in during the periods between the Showa and the Taisho. The wood carving owl and the Ainu costume doll are among other souvenirs, but they are more compact in size and much cuter designs have gotten more attention in the industry these days.

Meals Asahikawa Ramen Noodle  

Introduced in the beginning of Showa era, this soy sauce based Double Soup – containing both pork bones and seafood broth – contains an amazingly distinctive characteristic flavor and enhances your palate. Some say that Asahikawa Ramen Noodle has been so much admired from the Ainu native soup called Sop and it is also that local pig farming businesses at that time were thriving. In the late 1990’s, the city got a lot of attention to Ramen Noodle food businesses and has served as the one of the best of Hokkaido’s tastes until today. There are plenty of restaurants around that everyone wants to visit.