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Chubu Centrair International Airport
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The second floating airport followed by Kansai Airport

Countries and Regions Japan
Addresses / Locations Tokoname-shi, Aichi Prefecture
Types Commerce
Chubu Centyair International Airport

You have probably heard of the Centrair International Airport? If not that is ok, this airport isn’t relatively known internationally but it is one of the busiest airports in Japan.  Centrair is shorthand for Central Japan International Airport. Centrair is the second man-made island airport in Japan and serves as an airport for Nagoya, Japan. Positioned in the heart of Japan, a 30 minute commute from central Nagoya and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Centrair is ranked the 8th busiest airport in Japan. It connects to 18 domestic cities and 40 international ones accommodating about 10.4 million travelers. One of Centrair main attractions is a bathhouse with a panorama view of the airplanes and Ise Bay and the Sky Town Shopping Center, which is accessible to the general public on the 4th floor of the airport with many restaurants and stores.


Tourist Attractions, Local Products, and Meals
Tourist Attractions SCMaglev and Railway Park  

Opened in 2011 the SCMaglev and Railway Park is a train museum owned by JR Central (Central Japan Railway Company) in Nagoya Japan. The museum features 39 train exhibits, train cab simulators, railway dioramas. Vintage to modern to advanced railway trains are a sight to see at SCMaglev and Railway Park. One of the main attractions is the MLXL10-1 which is the fastest maglev train in Japan. The museum also offers an interactive exhibition simulator of the N700 Shinkansen train in a full scale cab. The railway park also includes historical railway parts and tools as well as railroad archives and miniature train dioramas that is so detailed it must be seen in person. If you ever visit Nagoya and you are a train enthusiast you must stop by the SCMaglev and Railway Park.

Local Products Red Miso Paste  

It can be said that Red Miso paste is a symbol of Nagoya’s soul food culture. Red Miso is widely used for local Nagoya cuisine such as Miso Katsu (Pork Cutlet), Miso Nikomi Udon (stewed miso udon noodle) and the Miso Oden (pot dish). Another popular miso flavor is Hatcho Miso which has a strong and rich soy bean taste and among people who love Nagoya cuisine Hatcho Miso is one of the best.

Meals Ankake Spaghetti Pasta  

One unique dish that is known locally in Nagoya, Japan is Ankake Spaghetti Pasta which is a stir-fried spaghetti with a liberal use of pepper and tomato based spice sauce, vegetables and Vienna sausages. Created in 1961 Ankake Spaghetti Pasta is a part of Nagoya popular food even though it isn’t widely known in the rest of Japan. Ankake spaghetti is often served with toppings such as fried eggs or deep fried fish.