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Matsuyama Airport
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The Busiest Airport in the Shikoku Region

Countries and Regions Japan
Addresses / Locations Matsuyama-shi, Ehime Prefecture
Types Commerce
Airport Operator Minister of land, infrastructure and transportation
Asahikawa Airport

Less than six kilometers southwest of Matsuyama city is Matsuyama Airport, one of the busiest airports in the Shikoku region. Located at the waterfront area of Matsuya city with a view of the sea Matsuyama Airport has a prime location. Not to mention the airport is close to JR Matsuyama train station and other popular destination. The airport proudly has the largest volume of travelers in the Shikoku region and in 2014 had a record 2.84 million travelers. Even with a single runway Matsuyama handles 8 domestic and 2 international fights every day.


Tourist Attractions, Local Products, and Meals
Tourist Attractions

The Main Building of Dogo Hot spring.

Having been loved by the Japanese classic novelist, Soseki Natsume (1867-1916), the Dogo Hot spring became a famous and popular place with people due to Natsume using the location in one of his novels, “Botchan”. The Dogo hot spring is believed to be one of three oldest hot springs in Japan. According to legends, the hot springs was even visited by Prince Shotoku Taisei (574-627), a historic figure in Japan’s history. The main building of the Dogo hot spring was built in 1894 and stands as a historic icon in Matsuyama city. As such the Dogo hot spring was designated as a national cultural treasure of Japan.

Local Products

Ehime Tarts

The tart in Ehime is far different from the typical western tarts found in other parts of the world. About 350 years ago in the feudal domain of Matsuyama, a recipe of tart sweets was brought to Japan from Portugal and the style of the tart was changed to a Japanese style. The tart consisted of a soft sponge cake wrapped with sweeten red bean paste and only served to the feudal lord Iemitsu Tokugawa (1604-1651), many centuries ago. After the Meiji era this noble confection made its way to ordinary town people and recently acquired many flavors such as chocolates, chestnuts, and lyokan oranges.


Tako Rice

From Spring to Summer one can find the best tasting octopus in the clean waters of Seto inland sea. Many local restaurants especially in the Imazu fish market in Matsuyama city are known for tako (octopus) rice. A fresh catch of octopus are diced and cooked with rice creating a wonderful aroma and exceptional flavor. It’s no wonder that during Spring and Summer the smell of tako rice is abundant in the air.