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Naha Airport
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The hub airport Naha for the gateway to Okinawa with linking major cities.

Countries and Regions Japan
Addresses / Locations Naha, Okinawa
Airport Operator Minister of land, infrastructure and transportation
Naha Airport

One of the largest airports in Japan that handles over 10 million travelers a year has a long history.  It goes back to the year of 1933 that the airport was originally planned to utilize as a naval base with two runways, which slightly veered.  Postwar it had been under the US control until the Okinawa Reversion Treaty in 1972 and finally got its own name, Naha Airport.  As of today it is a joint civil-military airport.  On the ground the arrival of jets upgraded one of the runways to 2,700m in length in 1972 and to 3,000m in length in 1986; Naha airport currently in the fourth place in Japan of annual aircraft movement at Naha.  It is known in Japan as an extremely overcrowded airport due to every two-minute departures and landings totaling over 400 movements on a single day.  Naha Airport has handled 15.95 million domestic passengers and 2.32 million international passengers in 2015, which puts it in sixth place in Japan.


Tourist Attractions, Local Products, and Meals
Tourist Attractions

Shikinaen Garden


Built in 1799 as the “bejeweled miniature garden”, Shinkinaen Garden is so exquisite and is one of the biggest among the world heritage sites of the Ryukyu royal families. Employing the technique of a Japanese garden style, the Shikinaen Garden was built with a pond in the center so that you can stroll around looking at a bridge but this hodgepodge style is only limited to Ryukyu which is one of a kind. The area of this villa is every bit as big as that of Tokyo Dome stadium.

Local Products Okinawa Handmade Towels

Not only would Pineapples, Purple Sweet Potatoes, Chinsuko Cookies get you most interested when you are visiting Okinawa but what would say to a colorful handmade towel as well? Here is some advice for you!  Walk around Kokusai Street in Downtown Naha and you will find your favorite handmade towel that you will absolutely love. With a huge variety of colors and styles of handmade towels it’s easy to find one for your friends and family each time you visit Okinawa.

Meals Tempura Vinegared Seaweed Mozuku

Tempura is one of most recognizable Japanese cuisines when you think of Japanese food however the Tempura in Okinawa is a bit different from the typical Tempura.  Vinegared Seaweed, Mozuku is a huge part of Okinawan people’s diet and has the biggest production market in Okinawa as well as many ways to cook it but Tempura Vinegared Seaweed is one of them.  It is truly a homemade taste of Okinawa.  The secret of Tempura Vinegared Seaweed is in its presentation of thick deep-fried batter.  The thick batter happens due to the broth and other ingredients such as carrots which makes it a big appearance on your plate.   You will not see this style in the main islands of Japan where people cook typical Tempura with thin deep-fried batter.  This way of cooking Tempura makes the most of original taste of food exclusive to Okinawa.