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This is the hub for both international and domestic air transport networks.

Countries and Regions Japan
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Chitose, Hokkaido

Types Commerce
Airport Operator Minister of land, infrastructure and transportation
New Chitose Airport

Opening its door in 1988 with two runways 3000 meters each as the nation’s first 24-hour airport and covers the largest area serving Hokkaido. Operates 13 international airlines, including the busiest domestic route Haneda, Tokyo, which broke the world record in 2006 that carried over 10 million passengers by itself. It also handles many travelers from neighboring countries. The number of 18.3 million travelers for domestics and 2.1 million for internationals passed though New Chitose in 2015.
Entertainment properties here are highly recognizable and attractive to all visitors. The theme park “Doraemon Wakuwaku Sky Park” opened in 2011. “Mongolian Barbecue” where you can enjoy watching airplanes landing and taking off, and “Ramen Dojo” where are gathered a variety of Hokkaido’s best tastes are high ratings among all guests.


Tourist Attractions, Local Products, and Meals
Tourist Attractions Shikotsu Hotspring

A 40 minute-bus ride from New Chitose Airport brings you to the northernmost unfrozen lake in Japan.  Lake Shikotsu has a high level of transparency of water and attracts many tourists.  Located on the eastern shore, the town of Shikotsu Hotspring opened in 1974, and has a relatively young history and it welcomes you to ease your body and spirit. The hydro carbonate spring minerals make your skin feel beautiful and smooth. 

Local Products Hascap Berry

With a strong sour characteristic flavor, Hascap Berry is wildly grown all around.  More sweetness has developed with breeding technology, which has added to its taste since 1978.  The nutrition fact of abundant vitamins, calcium, and iron has been known for “immortal” qualities by the local natives, the Ainu.  Thinking of souvenirs for your friends and family??  Well, Hascap wine, jam, and sweets are lined up on the local markets’ shelves.

Meals Red Salmon, Akihime rice

The arrival in 2010 to local cuisines was a mixed rice dish with flaked famous fish, called Akihime-Red salmon.  It comes with a soft-boiled egg atop, and is a must-eat item.  You can eat this at any restaurant or hotel around the lake.  Every place gives you different tastes and offers an easy price of \945 with a dessert and a drink.  So....find your favorite one!