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Takamatsu Airport
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The Gateway Airport to Kagawa.

Countries and Regions Japan
Addresses / Locations Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa Prefecture
Types Commerce
Airport Operator Minister of land, infrastructure and transportation
Asahikawa Airport

Located on the hills of Takamatsu, Japan, sits Takamatsu Airport a regional airport in the Kagawa Prefecture of Japan. Takamatsu airport operates 3 domestic and 3 international routes and handles about 1.8 million travelers each year. Takamatsu airport used to be an old military base until 1989 which it was relocated and upgraded due to urban growth in the area. The upgraded airport now has a 2500m long runway and is about 15km south of the central business center of Takamatsu. The new location and upgrades to Takamatsu airport had it a great fit for the residents of Takamatsu.


Tourist Attractions, Local Products, and Meals
Tourist Attractions Ritsurin Park  

Designated as Japan’s special place of serene beauty, Ritsurin Park is a must-visit Japanese garden in Takamatsu, Japan. Ritsurin Park is one of the most famous and beautiful gardens in Japan. The park took a century to complete and sits in the city of Takamatsu in the Sanuki province, Ritsurin Park covers 750,000 square meters which is about 10 times as big as Tokyo Dome ballpark. Ritsurin Park is made up of bridges, small hills and paths to walkthrough; tours of the garden can generally take about two hours to complete. The park experiences all of the seasons and each season accentuates the look and beauty of the park, especially in the spring and fall. The beauty and mysticism of the park is displayed at night showing a gorgeous scenic view.

Local Products Olive Products  

Since 1908, olives have been a staple plant of Kagawa prefecture. Olives were first grown on Shodo Island which is part of Kagawa prefecture and the island produces most of the best quality olive products in Japan. Due to Shodo Island being famous for olives the island is sometimes called Olive Island. The olives are carefully handpicked to create the best product. The island produces such products as salad dressing, olive oil, cosmetics, tea, snacks among many others.

Meals Bukkake Udon Noodles  

A signature dish of the Kagawa region of Japan is Bukkake udon noodles. Bukkake udon noodles is limited to Kagawa however it is a popular dish with tourists when they visit the area. The udon style Bukkake is a simple noodle dish made up of a thick dashi broth with a pinch of grated fresh ginger and lightly layered with sliced leeks for spice. Bukkake udon noodles is easy to make and wonderful to the senses.